Localgum was founded to make pharmaceuticals more affordable. Particularly those medications that are both common and expensive. We also wanted to focus on medicines which are often not on national health insurance or rebate schemes. These medicines can make a world of difference to the quality of life for patients – yet many will go without, as they are just too expensive in many countries.

We only use reputable quality suppliers that meet our strict standards and can provide medications at the most competitive prices. Some in the pharmaceutical industry deliberately mislead the public to believe that it is illegal to buy medications off the Internet from overseas.

Ordering from an overseas supplier is permitted in many countries where medicines are ordered for personal use only, for a 90 day supply, and prescribed by a licensed doctor from within the country the drug is ordered from.. Websites that claim their “online physician” will provide you with a legitimate and legal prescription are misleading.

For that reason, we don’t pretend to be able to provide you with an “online prescription”. What we do ask, is that prior to finalising your order, you must confirm your requested medications will be consumed under observation and guidance of your Primary Health Care Provider and that you have the required prescription. An independent university study which was published in 2008 found that the Generic version of Cialis Online from six Indian pharmaceutical companies was exactly the same as the brand name version.

Some of the generic medicines you buy viagra in your pharmacy in Australia, the USA and the UK are manufactured by companies in India such Cipla, Dr Reddy, Sunpharma and other Indian firms – the very same firms who supply us. We encourage you to Google these firms – all have significant web presences and Wikipedia entries. We are incorporated in the Seychelles, to enable us to provide our service to a wide range of countries.. Localgum does not sell controlled substances such as painkillers, steroids or opiates and does not sell medications that are classified as controlled substances or narcotics by the Indian FDA, U.S. FDA, and U.S. DEA or Australian TGA and Customs.

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